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The Secret Financial Lives of Americans—and the Future of Financial Services

Presented by:
Gunny Scarfo and Ben Zeidler, Co-Founders of Nonfiction Research

Covered on MSNBC, ABC News, and Axios, the research report, The Secret Financial Lives of Americans, features stories of crying, sex, bank heists, baseball games, and eating out of garbage cans—stories that get to the heart of eight, real customer needs from financial services.

Gunny and Ben take listeners behind the scenes of Nonfiction's unusual research approach, which includes interviews with bank robbers, bank executives, Wall Street analysts, and shopping addicts—as well as a nationwide quantitative study. You'll also get ideas on how you can apply Nonfiction-style techniques to your work.

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  • How Americans are secretly living double lives when it comes to their finances
  • Why financial services companies are missing huge opportunities for revenue
  • How an unusual approach powered one of the most talked about research reports in years


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