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The Rebirth of Comms: Why It's Time to Re-examine Your Strategy

Presented by:
Faris Yakob, Co-Founder of Genius/Steals, Author of Paid Attention


In the last decade, communications strategy has fallen by the wayside as a standalone discipline, re-absorbed into account and media planning. 

In light of increased concerns about programmatic fraud, non-viewable impressions, brand safety, and the efficacy of micro-targeting, communication strategy has once again been summoned to the table, to make sense of the mess we’ve made.

In this presentation, Faris dives into:

  • What is modern communication strategy? Who owns it? Who should?
  • How is it done? What are the key considerations and tools?
  • Not all impressions are equal—How do brands and agencies navigate an increasingly complex set of choices?
  • What should brands do in media that makes people feel unwell?
  • What is the Media Pyramid for Balanced Media Plans?

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