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Are Consumers Eating Their Feelings? How Memory and Emotion Create Stronger Brand Connections

Presented by:
Amy Shea, Director, Brand Experience at Ameritest
Emily Higgins, 
Vice President, Client Services at Ameritest

Scientists have known for some time that memory is three-dimensional. Academics call the three types of memory semantic, episodic and procedural memory; advertisers have translated this into a communications philosophy, calling these three dimensions "think", "feel" and "do"

Amy and Emily will tell you how you can build emotion and tap into these three systems to drive choice in your categories. Using a case study from the casual dining category, they will demonstrate how to leverage the three core systems to create branded memories and drive choice.

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  • How the right visual language can trigger a desired emotional response
  • Why emotions of the episodic and rehearsal of the procedural memory systems dominate long-term impact on brands
  • How brands that deliver emotion build the strongest long-term memories


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