Watch the WARC Webinar: 10 Tech and Media Trends for 2019

Dan Calladine (Head of Media Futures, Carat Global)

In a world of overwhelming change, which are the major technology and media trends marketers should be looking out for in 2019? Join Dan Calladine as he shares the 10 trends for 2019 and what the implications are for brands. He'll cover:

  • How data is being processed and analysed at scale to create, design and modify new products and services across retail and entertainment
  • What faster connectivity means for content consumption
  • The creation of 'invitation only' events, apps and stores and why this is so important for luxury brands
  • How brands can gain attention when consumers are trying to cut down their screen time
  • Experiential ecommerce allowing customers to try before they buy

...and more

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