WARC Toolkit 2018


Why voice is branding's new frontier


Voice technology (for example, smart speakers or virtual assistants) is opening an entirely new interface through which brands and consumers will engage and communicate. Currently, usage is largely restricted to ‘private’ spaces such as the home and automobiles, with many consumers too self-conscious to address AI assistants in public. However, attitudes to AI technology are shifting. 

The rise of voice technology would have a vast impact on advertisers. How should marketers set the audio characteristics of their brands? What persona should they adopt? How will their search strategies need to adapt to reflect consumer habits?

Download this sample report to find out more on voice strategy including how to:

  • Look for new, resonant brand “moments” - for example, real-time advice which fits your brand and reduces friction in the path to purchase
  • Convey brand value and develop emotional connections with consumers without creating something so lifelike that it can unsettle your audience
  • Avoid “brand bypass” so that when consumers speak aloud using voice search, they specify your brand rather than using generic category terms



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