WARC Toolkit 2018

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What are the major marketing challenges for brands to prepare for in the year ahead? How do marketers need to adapt to changes in customer experience, managing data, AI (with voice strategy a key focus), views on brand purpose and the continued pressure for digital transparency? 

The WARC Toolkit 2018 report has gleaned insights from over 600 marketers to outline the opportunities, obstacles and issues facing marketers. Some of the findings are echoes from ‘Digital Clean-up’ movement created by Procter & Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, who was also interviewed for the report. 

Download the WARC Toolkit 2018 (sample) to discover:

  • 4 key themes for fail-safe planning
  • 3 sample charts outlining the findings from WARC's marketer survey
  • An executive summary of the key insights










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