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How necessary and valuable is it for a brand to focus its activity on a single, consistent brand purpose?

Many advertisers, such Unilever and Procter & Gamble, have succeeded at brand building for the long-term with campaigns focusing on societal causes. However, despite many brands claiming that a consistent brand purpose has fuelled growth, in 2017, a backlash began against the cynical and inauthentic use of social causes within brand advertising. In 2018, redefining purpose will be a key challenge for the industry. 

Download this sample report for more insights on how to:

  • Take the long-term view so purpose has scope to evolve in supporting long-term brand building
  • Identify issues or ideas that the brand can talk about credibly, actually help to solve and which fit its positioning
  • Avoid the “Me too” syndrome – although having a purpose is one way to generate positive sentiment, it is also becoming a difficult area to differentiate 



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