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Social: Dark social & chat apps

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The rise in chat or mobile-focused messenger apps like Whatsapp have led to a surge in ‘dark social’ media—namely, social conversations that are private and ‘invisible’ to the outside world. Taken from the WARC Toolkit 2017 (in association with Deloitte Digital) of 2017 marketing trends, here's what ‘dark social’ means for social media effectiveness, including how:

  • Levels of ‘dark social’ vary by category
  • Brands may be missing out on ‘dark social’ insights
  • Chat apps are moving social marketing toward conversations

See what Tania Yuki, CEO & Founder, Shareablee, has to say about the challenge for brands in understanding their place in dark social:

Featured case studies:

  • How Unilever’s AXE integrated ‘dark social’ channels into a campaign
  • How MTV India used the mechanics of ‘dark social’ to generate fresh insights

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