WARC Toolkit 2017

Tech trends in 2017: Artificial Intelligence

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In a recent survey, more than half of global CMOs said they expected the impact of AI on marketing and communications to be greater than the impact of social media. 68% say their organisations are already using or planning for the AI era.

Taken from the WARC Toolkit 2017 (in association with Deloitte Digital) of key marketing trends for 2017, we've distilled the top insights for AI in marketing, including:

  • The marketing processes that will see immedaite benefit from AI
  • Why chatbots are the 'next step' into AI for many marketers and will become key touchpoints for service brands
  • How virtual assistants will drive the rise of 'programmatic consumption' and impact path-to-purchase strategies

Featured case studies:

  • Aviva’s use of machine learning to enable real-time attribution of media
  • ING’s ‘Last Rembrandt’ showed how AI could drive new forms of creativity
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