WARC Toolkit 2017

Marketing trends in 2017

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Every year, WARC partners with Deloitte Digital to distill key trends marketers need to pay attention to in the year ahead. 2017, to no surprise, is dominated by tech. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are increasingly applied in marketing contexts. Meanwhile, brands are reassessing digital strategies, often taking a quality over quantity approach. 

Download the summary of the WARC Toolkit 2017 report (in association with Deloitte Digital) to better understand current marketing trends and questions such as:

  1. What could an AI-powered chatbot do for your brand?
  2. What brand experiences could you enhance with AR or VR?
  3. Are you producing too much social video content?
  4. Are you missing out on ‘dark social’ insights?
  5. Do you need a direct-to-consumer strategy?
  6. Do you need to refocus media spend on reach?
• 58% of global CMOs believe that, within the next five years, companies will need to compete in the AI space to succeed.

• The global virtual reality headwear market is forecast be worth US$2.8billion by 2020


"Digital has done many good things, but it has really been toxic in encouraging short-termism, because these short-term metrics have become more available and are easier."

— Peter Field (Marketing Consultant) on effectiveness

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