WARC Talks 360: Marketing in the COVID-19 Recession

COVID-19 has brought an early recession and it's not like anything we've seen before. Marketers need to be prepared not just for now, but for the long-term. WARC's Guide to Marketing in the COVID-19 Recession has brought together expert contributors for their advice on how to best navigate this period and now you can hear from them directly.

Our webinars from this series are now available for you to watch at your own convenience.

How verticals stand to win or lose during the COVID-19 recession 

A guide to how your brand should be making ad spend and product decisions in this recession, with Gerard Tellis, USC

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Pricing in a Recession - Setting the Strategy 

Creating value for your customers and setting a pricing strategy, with Fiona McAnena, Clearhound

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Surviving and thriving in the recession and beyond 

Tools, frameworks and learnings to get you through this recession, with Remona Duquesne, Brandgym and Joe Pullos, Spikes Asia

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Recession-proofing brands across all time horizons – the short, mid and long term 

A guide to recession proofing your brand, with Richard Cotton, Content & Creative Excellence Director, Coca-Cola China and Chris Reitermann, Chief Executive, Asia & Greater China, Ogilvy

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Marketing in a Recession

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