WARC classic webinar:
What Direct-to-Consumer Challenger Brands Know that you Don't

Part of our WARC from Home series

Presented by:

Nick Geoghegan, Strategy Director, eatbigfish

Across nearly every imaginable consumer goods category, a new wave of challenger brands are disrupting long established market leaders with a direct-to-consumer approach.

But to put the success of brands like Casper, Warby Parker, Huel or Harry’s down to their ability to offer lower prices is to miss out on crucial lessons that these challengers can teach us. From standing up for their customers, to doubling down on over-performance, to seeing drama as a strategic imperative, these challenger brands have much they can teach us.

WARC from Home

WARC from Home is our series of content for those looking to skill up in the lockdown – including a weekly re-run of a classic webinar from the WARC database.


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