WARC classic webinar:
Tech & Media Trends 2020

Part of our WARC from Home series

Presented by:

Dan Calladine, Head of Media Futures, Carat

In this classic WARC Webinar Dan Calladine (Carat) shares the top 10 tech and media trends predicted for 2020, including annual report findings highlighting the trends and their implications for brands.

In this on-demand webinar Dan will take a closer look at:
  • Colliding Ecosystems - brands will need to spend more money with Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook to take advantage of their broadening capabilities
  • Invisible Money - finance and payment is becoming more flexible, automatic and invisible and challenger brands without physical branches are gaining prominence
  • Life is Just a (Video) Game - the influence of gaming is spreading into culture, sport, movies and music and any brands involved in these should also be involved in gaming
  • Dark(er) Social - as mistrust over tracking increases, people are making their social activity more private and more local. For brands to penetrate this, they need to rely on super-fans and brand ambassadors
  • The Age of Addressable TV - contrary to talk of TV's demise, there's more opportunity than ever to capitalise on TV advertising as the ablity to target audiences as accurately as digital advertising, improves

WARC from Home

WARC from Home is our series of content for those looking to skill up in the lockdown – including a weekly re-run of a classic webinar from the WARC database.


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