WARC classic webinar:
The Higgs Boson of Creative Effectiveness

Part of our WARC from Home series

Presented by:

Orlando Wood (Chief Innovation Officer, System 1)

In this classic WARC Webinar Orlando Wood, chief innovation officer at System 1 Group and Author of "Lemon", shares how brands can predict the market share growth associated with advertising over the long-term.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn:
  • Why there's been a falling in advertising effectiveness and a rise in short-termism
  • How the advertising industry as a whole is performing when it comes to creating work that will drive long-term growth
  • Why "Fluent Devices" – will generate growth over the long-term

WARC from Home

WARC from Home is our series of content for those looking to skill up in the lockdown – including a weekly re-run of a classic webinar from the WARC database.


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