WARC classic webinar:
How to Balance your Brand Communication Plans

Part of our WARC from Home series

Presented by:

Faris Yakob, Co-Founder, Genius Steals

Strategic communications planning considers a number of things—context, channel effects, historical profitability, and numerous other criteria beyond target audience, cost, reach and frequency when developing a communication and investment plan.

But what's the impact when advertising appears in channels that make people feel bad, or alongside unsafe content?

In this on-demand webinar, Faris looks at:
  • How brands should behave in an environment where consumers are more mindful of how and what they consume
  • How marketing spend currently gets divided and what opportunities exist
  • The shape of a balanced media plan across short and long-term objectives

WARC from Home

WARC from Home is our series of content for those looking to skill up in the lockdown – including a weekly re-run of a classic webinar from the WARC database.


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