Global Ad Trends - September, 2019

Benchmarking ad investment for your product category

Did you know:

  • TV accounts for 70% of ad investment in the soft drinks sector, and close to two-thirds in the food sector
  • Spend in the retail sector was flat at $62.3bn last year
  • Magazines still play a role in advertising toiletries & cosmetics products: over $2bn was invested last year

'Benchmarking ad investment for your product category' brings you a true view of net advertising investment by sector, how this differs from global levels, and how spend has shifted over time.

This report includes:
  • Advertising spend by product category and medium in 2018
  • How these categories differ from global levels
  • Median ROI and ad/sales ratios by category


WARC Data offers comprehensive insights for media strategy and planning in the market, because of our unique methodology: HAVE.  We harmonise, aggregate, verify and evaluate data from hundreds of trusted sources, including a new collaboration with Nielsen, allowing you to benchmark your strategy by category, channel and country.

WARC Data sets a new industry-standard of net advertising investment.


It is essential that ad investment works harder in the media mix to obtain optimal reach and effectiveness. As such, our latest research into product category insights provides vital data to help brand owners, agencies and media strategists and planners inform their decision making."
— James McDonald, Managing Editor, WARC Data

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