WARC Webinar: Fluent Devices and the Forgotten Art of Memorability

Tuesday 5th December

3pm GMT / 10am EDT 

Presented by:
Tom Ewing (Head of Communication, System1 Group)


Behavioural economics and neuroscience tell us that brands struggle to drive consumer actions if they aren’t memorable. Easily-recognisable brands simplify our System 1 decision-making processes. Our brains constantly look for patterns and shortcuts (heuristics) to lighten the cognitive load. How can marketers move recognition of their brand to our System 1 autopilot?

A “Fluent Device” is a creative conceit (slogan or character) which is used consistently as part of long-running campaigns (think the 118 men, the Green Giant and “Got milk?”) to help brands to create memorability. However, this approach has become underemployed. But why, when these devices help brands to grow market share and profits by 23%? Is it a forgotten art of memorability?

Join the webinar to discover:

  • How to use Fluent Devices to deliver brand-building impact
  • Why these long-term brand-building strategies continue to deliver better business returns

Join us on Tuesday 5th December at 3pm GMT / 10am EDT. Please feel free to invite the rest of your team to register for the webinar too.

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Join us for this WARC Webinar