WARC Webinar - Behavioural Economics: Habits, Experiments and Advertising Creative

Wednesday 1st April 3:00pm BST | 10:00am EDT

- Kate Waters, Director of Client and Strategy, ITV
- Richard Chataway, Author 'The Behaviour Business’ and Vice President, BVA Nudge Unit UK
- Owain Service, former Deputy Director, Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, former Managing Director and co-founder of the Behavioural Insights Team; Co-author "Think Small"

"Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats; they can do it, but they'd prefer not to."
Daniel Kahneman, psychologist, Nobel Prize winner and author of “Thinking, Fast and Slow”

If the human brain can avoid deliberative thought, it’s more likely to do so than not. The work of Daniel Kahneman, Dan Ariely, Phil Barden and many others have popularised principles like that. But then, how do you drive behaviour change? How can businesses and brands become part of consumer habits? Or shift them from default biases or status quo decisions? What do advertisers need to think about in their creative and content output?

Join the webinar to hear the theory behind effective behaviour change and see examples:

  • Find out how advertisers can use behavioural economics in their creative and content, including a mix of specific principles and real-life examples

  • Understand the practical application of behavioural science in business with a focus on continuous testing, not just theory, and what can be learnt from the public sector and the major digital players – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

  • Learn key lessons on mass behaviour change from the public sector, behavioural sciences within tech innovation and how habits are changed after disruptive moments, particularly relevant during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Join us on Wednesday 1st April at 3:00pm BST / 10:00am EDT to watch live, and available online later, for all other regions.

All registrants will receive a link to the recording of the webinar so be sure to register even if you are unavailable to watch the live session.

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