WARC Webinar: Top 5 Trends for Brands

Wednesday 28th February 2018 
3pm GMT / 10am EST 

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Presented by:

Julia Ayling (Head of Research and Insights, Mindshare UK)
Sophie Harding (Trends and Insights Director, Mindshare UK)

Whether it’s AR or AI, how are consumers embracing technological advancements? Taken from a Mindshare research project of 6000 UK consumers, 57% agree that machines will be able to do tasks more effectively than humans. 43% believe that it’s sometimes easier to deal with a machine than a real person. And these opinions are driven by a whole host of different factors - from where people live through to their age. What do these consumer attitudes mean for marketers and their brands?

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Register for this WARC webinar to find out the top 5 trends for brands in 2018:

  • Automatic for the People: With in-store virtual assistants guiding shopping experiences plus staff-free, walk-in stores which are run entirely by technology, human interaction is waning and people are starting the think more consciously about it. As automation grows, how might brands add the convenience of automated services into the purchase journey?
  • Destination Data: Exchange of our data is becoming increasingly commonplace. With the GDPR deadline looming, what is an acceptable data exchange for consumers? How do brands offer them tangible benefits for supplying their data and help instill trust?
  • Access All Areas: Our mobiles have made us accustomed to accessing almost anything we want, whenever and wherever we want it. This level of connectivity is set to become even more pervasive as new devices and improvements in infrastructure, such as 5G, head our way.  How can marketers make the most of this and achieve consistency of brand experience across different platforms?
  • Exploration Game: Increasingly life is presenting us with too many options to deal with and too many things to choose from which can feel overwhelming. How can technology help with this overload and improve the customer experience to make exploring easier?
  • Get Snappy: Our culture has become increasingly visual. The image recognition capabilities of AI are rapidly improving and visual search, code scanning and facial recognition are all set to develop. How will this affect the purchase journey and product design?

Join us on Wednesday 28th February at 3pm GMT / 10am EST to find out more.

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