WARC 100

Read WARC 100: Lessons from the world's best marketing campaigns

What creative, media and measurement strategies do the world’s best marketing campaigns share? Each year WARC track results from over 80 effectiveness and strategy competitions from around the world and produce the WARC 100 - a benchmark for commercial creativity and advertising effectiveness. 

From an analysis of this year's top campaigns, find out the trends behind the creative, media and measurement strategies of the best performers. Read a sample of the report to discover:

Four key lessons

Learn about the shift towards TV-led campaigns, how social and participation strategies are becoming more common and the ways in which data-driven approaches are seeing growing success.

Data analysis of the top 100 campaigns

Find out the media mix and lead media trends from this year's WARC 100, how they compare with last year's rankings and with WARC's broader case study database. 

To learn more from the world's best marketing campaigns, download a sample of the analysis.

Views on the WARC 100


“We aim to win it every year. The best proxy we have for measuring our performance is these awards.”

— Andrew Robertson, CEO, BBDO Worldwide


“To be in the WARC 100 is a thrill, an honour and a privilege.”

— Lou Aversano, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather New York

“The WARC 100 is one of the most respected metrics when it comes to awards.”

— Carter Murray, CEO, FCB 


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