Guide to Advertising
on Snapchat

Here are the first 5 of 10 best practices that have begun to emerge as marketers accrue deeper learnings about what works on Snapchat. 

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1. Embrace scarcity: given the ephemeral nature of Snapchat content, users have an incentive to engage immediately if they find interesting material. Marketers used to building engagement in regular, repeatable ways will require greater comfort with developing one-off activations.

2. Create unique content: rather than adapting TV spots or digital video, offering bespoke and exclusive content can make a major impression with “super fans”. That, in turn, means working with vertical video.

3. Strike the right tone: the Snapchat experience is largely based on being fun and frivolous, so brands could benefit from adopting a “casual and relatable” tone on the app.

4. Be authentic: user posts on Snapchat are typically spontaneous, as well as rough and ready in quality. Brands should be willing to move fast and look beyond high-end production values in the same manner.

5. Engage influencers: partnering with users who have proved their popularity and content-creation expertise represents a potential short cut to reaching a significant audience.

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