North America's best campaigns and companies 2018

Which agencies, brands, and advertisers are behind the most effective marketing in North America?

This report looks into which campaigns from North America, along with the agencies behind them, have performed best over the past year.

The data is based on the Gunn Report rankings—the WARC 100, Gunn 100, and Gunn Media 100—which rank the best effectiveness, creative, and media campaigns from global award competitions annually.

Download a sample of the report to learn more about:

  • North America's top 10 campaigns over the past year in effectiveness, creativity, and media. 
  • A case study on the 'A Unicorn-ucopia of Marketing Wins' campaign from Zenith Los Angeles for 20th Century Fox movie, Deadpool. The campaign ranked #4 for media.

20th Century Fox - A Unicorn-ucopia of Marketing Wins

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Download a sample of the report