Connection Strategy Casebook 2016

Insights from the Warc Prize for Connection Strategy - download the summary report 

The Warc Prize for Connection Strategy showcases emerging best practice in communications planning. The winning case studies demonstrate the best examples of modern media thinking. Download the summary report to learn how:

1. Channel strategy is at the heart of creativity

These successful campaigns demonstrate how the idea, the creative and the media are all intertwined. The Grand Prix winner from Coca-Cola changed teens’ attitudes towards Coke and increased teen engagement with the brand by using one of its biggest assets – its packaging – as a vehicle for self-expression.  

2. Partnerships can deliver reach and credibility 

Partnerships with third-party organisations can allow brands to reach audiences in new ways and can deliver long-term benefits. Emirates NBD, the Middle East’s leading
bank, increased awareness of their children’s savings plans by inviting children
to record a message to their future selves. Partnerships with leading educational institutions enabled them to extend their retail distribution network to a new channel.

3. Use of sophisticated communications architecture is growing

The shortlisted Prize entries used more media channels than non-shortlisted campaigns. AB InBev's Antarctica, the leading brand of beer in Rio de Janeiro, needed to overcome new competition from global beers brands. Through a new positioning, evolving the communication tone and with more integrated and innovative channel thinking, they grew sales and leapt up in preference scores.

4. Data opens up opportunities

New sources of data allow the creation of platforms that can be updated in real time. This creates opportunities for optimisation of campaigns as they develop. After a major relaunch backfired, Unilever's Fair and Lovely - a skin-lightening brand - had a major challenge to overcome. Through careful analysis of old and new data, adapting the media strategy and focusing on creative ways to reach consumers, they managed to turn the fortunes of the struggling brand around.

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