The 2018 Effective Content Strategy Report: Lessons from the WARC Awards

Content is starting to take a more central role in communications strategies that recognize its strengths and its power to connect brands to consumers.

This Effective Content Strategy Report brings you four key themes that the top-performing campaigns in the Effective Content Strategy category of the 2018 WARC Awards have in common.

In the report sample, you'll get:

  • Four trends among some of the world's most effective content marketing strategies
  • An executive summary of this year's award category as a whole
  • An essay from one of the judges on the panel, Lennie Stern (Head of Creative and Entertainment Strategies at BETC Paris), on balancing emotional and informative content
  • The Grand Prix winning case study, Coca-Cola: Hijacking the African Cup by FP7 (part of McCann World Group)

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