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Lessons from the world’s best marketing campaigns

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The Warc 100 ranks the world’s best marketing campaigns based on performances in effectiveness and strategy competitions from around the world. Which trends emerge from the best campaigns? Which case studies are the ones to learn the most from? Download the summary report to find out the common themes, including:

1. The prominence of social

Over 80% of this year’s Warc 100 campaigns used social. Online video and PR were also used by the majority ahead of traditional above-the-line channels such as TV and outdoor. Indeed, social media was the lead channel for almost half of this year’s Warc 100 campaigns whilst a shift also developed towards mobile for the top-awarded campaigns. Find out how “Always”, the Toiletries & Cosmetics brand, turned an online video into a social media and PR phenomenon, growing purchase intent to 92%.

2. The importance of emotion 

Emotion is now by far the most-used creative approach on the Warc 100. In each year of the rankings, usage of emotional marketing has increased. It is now used by almost a third of Warc 100 campaigns. Marketers are seeing the power of emotional campaigns. For example, read how US snack brand Honey Maid launched a campaign based on a deep emotional insight about the American family. The campaign generated 115m media impressions and helped increase market share.

3. The emphasis on sales

6 of this year’s top 10 campaigns reported sales as a hard metric. Sales was also by far the most-reported hard metric, mentioned by half the Warc 100 campaigns in 2016. Read the case summary from French food retailer, Intermarché, who, in trying to combat food waste, also ended up increasing sales by 5%.

4. The over-performance from Australia and Europe
Compared to relative share of global adspend, Europe and Australia & New Zealand, were the big overperformers. More than one in ten Warc 100 cases are from the latter region – compared to a global adspend share of just 1.5%. The summary report tells the story of SPC, the largest fruit processor in Australia, who, built a social media campaign off the back of a single customer tweet, to help reverse a sales decline and ultimately save the company.

For more on the above trends and case summaries of the examples mentioned, download the summary report.  


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