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Strategy in 2016: Moment marketing

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Taken from WARC's Toolkit 2016 (in association with Deloitte Digital), which explores the latest thinking around key marketing trends for 2016, this summary looks at the ability to identify and target 'moments'. Download it to understand how:

1. Brands are looking for micro-moments

How are advertisers such as Johnson & Johnson using sophisticated consumer behaviour data, programmatic buying and location-based targeting to find brief opportunities to put the right message in front of the right consumer?

2. Path-to-purchase analysis can help identify moments

Advertisers such as Heineken and Pernod Ricard have used path-to-purchase analysis to identify common triggers for a purchase decision. Which common purchase moments are helping brands to prioritise marketing investment?

3. Buy buttons can create shortcuts to purchase

How are advertisers like Mondelez using technology to shortcut the path to purchase and move consumers direct from the moment of interest to an opportunity to buy?

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“Moment marketing is the ability to take advantage of an event to deliver relevant and related, seemingly spontaneous and often fleeting interactions with customers, in real time.”

— William Grobel, Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital

Case studies in this chapter

Connecting Allianz to the moments Australians need insurance

This case study explains how Allianz, the insurance company, increased sales in Australia by owning the moment people realise they need to make a claim. It is an example of identifying and targeting a 'micro-moment'.

adidas: #allin or nothing

This case study explains how Adidas, the sports brand, planned ahead to create content that could be used in real-time responses to developments during the 2014 football World Cup. It is an example of building a sophisticated strategy around a big communal moment.

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