Pokemon Go and the next
wave of augmented reality

An overview and analysis of Pokémon GO

This article looks at the recent trend of Pokémon GO, a mobile game that blends real-life environments with digital components such as sound and animation, and that is predicted to be a tipping point for augmented reality technology. Read this Trend Snapshot to get:

1. Trend overview

An explanation of the game, stats on the success it's achieved, the reasons to be optimistic as well as some words of warning

2. Brands ahead of the curve

Examples of leveraging Pokémon GO from McDonald's and Stonyfield as well as examples of using AR from T-Mobile and fantasy series "Shadowhunters"

3. What it means for brands

Expert insight from Michael Koziol (President, Huge - Atlanta) and Rachael Lonergan (Head of Strategy, Foundation)

4. What we can expect

The debate around where this trend might lead, how different brands can work in the augmented-reality arena and whether this could become the "new normal"

5. Next steps

How you can start planning an augmented-reality strategy for your brand

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