Coming soon: The Marketer's Toolkit 2021

Put your 2021 plan in context and seek new opportunities to develop effective strategies and grow your business.

Unsurprisingly, over 70% of our Marketer Toolkit survey respondents told us that at a time of volatility, it is harder to plan for the long term.

What will your competitors be focused on?

Where are budgets going to be spent?

How should you position your business?

With insights drawn from over 1000 marketers, more than 20 global CMOs and analysis of our proprietary research and best practice, we will share actionable advice on how to thrive in the current marketing environment. Giving you a more holistic view of 2021's landscape, challenges and opportunities. 

The Marketer’s Toolkit is not another end-of-year review, it's the definitive, evidence-based and practical guide for marketers to plan for next year.

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