Global Ad Trends: COVID-19 & Ad Investment

This month's Global Ad Trends report focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on global ad investment. 

It summarises the latest adspend projections by market, media and product vertical from WARC Data, alongside commentary from industry experts, to help you plan for 2020/2021.  

Download a sample report, which includes findings such as: 

  • Advertising investment is set to fall 8.1% – $49.6bn – worldwide this year
  • This year’s downturn will be softer than in 2009, when the ad market fell by 12.7% ($60.5bn)
  • Traditional media will fare far worse than online
  • Almost all product sectors will record a decline this year, with the most severe falls seen among travel & tourism (-31.2%), leisure & entertainment (-28.7%), financial services (-18.2%) and retail (-15.2%).


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