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The Advertising Association/WARC quarterly Expenditure Report is the definitive guide to advertising expenditure in the UK.

Every quarter, the UK media are surveyed to produce the UK's most reliable adspend figures. The Report includes comprehensive advertising forecasts for the next two years, helping agencies, analysts, media owners and advertisers with budgeting, forecasting and risk analysis.

Here's a snapshot of the data coming out of the latest release (Oct, 2020):

  • The UK’s ad market fell by a third (-33.8%) to a total of £4.0bn in Q2 2020 as the nation went into lockdown. Excluding direct mail, the UK’s ad market contracted by 32.1%, or £1.8bn.
  • The UK government was the largest advertiser in Q2 2020, its spend more than doubled to support coronavirus-related campaigns. 
  • Social media and paid search – almost half of the UK’s ad market – recorded their first annual falls on record in Q2 2020. These formats were among the few to grow during the first quarter, but search spend fell by a fifth in Q2 and social media investment was down by 17.0%.
  • Our outlook for television advertising spend in 2020 is upgraded, with BVOD revenues now expected to grow by 1.4%. Advertising trade appears to be more buoyant in Q3, while fourth quarter TV spend is forecast to be just 2.7% lower.
  • Total market growth is expected to return from Q2 2021, though the full-year total will not be enough to top 2019.

The full executive report and access to the data is available through subscription here or submit your details to download your sample of the report.


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