Build an effective e-commerce marketing strategy

When you are overwhelmed with information sources, you need clarity and focus to navigate this new world. But marketers are under pressure to rapidly deliver sales.

In this WARC Guide we will share expertise and guidance from around the globe to help marketers navigate challenges and seize new opportunities.


The acceleration of

Chapter 1 of the WARC Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent increase in online shopping has prompted a 10 year growth spurt in an eight week period.

Marketing goes back to basics

Chapter 2 of the WARC Guide

E-commerce is prompting a rethink of the fundamentals, including the 5Ps and ‘digital availability'.

The shift to shoppable media

Chapter 3 of the WARC Guide

E-commerce platforms and omnichannel retailers are becoming advertising and media destinations in their own right.

The dangers of short-termism

Chapter 4 of the WARC Guide

The rise of shoppable formats and e-commerce media is likely to accelerate the shift toward short-termism.

The rise of livestreaming

Chapter 5 of the WARC Guide

The growth of livestreaming e-commerce in China: a powerful combination of influencers, video, social and online selling.


E-commerce and the future
of effectiveness

WARC Guide

We share expertise and guidance from around the globe to help you build an effective e-commerce strategy.


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