Read insights from the 2018 Creative Effectiveness Lions

Drawn from 161 entries for the 2018 Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions, this report distills trends and analysis that the most successful campaigns have in common this year. We're giving away an excerpt of the full report to share with you:

Four key themes: How the winners leverage product-led approaches to solve problems, emotion and humor, online conversion, and brand purpose with PR. 

Executive summary: An introduction to the analysis which looks at the 161 Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions entries published on, including details on the 27 shortlisted campaigns—including the 14 winners.

Notes from the jury president: Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King, explains why the effectiveness category is so critical and offers a few insights into the judging process.


Watch highlights from Cannes Lions 2018 as we interviewed the Creative Effectiveness Jury to share insights from the winning campaigns.


Marketing effectiveness is a critical category for any award show. If you can’t prove that creativity drives results, there’s no point in having the other categories.”

— Fernando Machado, Effectiveness Jury President and 

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King


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